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Nexenta Systems-Powered Storage Solution Achieves 1.6 Million IOPS

Nexenta has achieved 1.6 million IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) and high-availability with no single point of failure. Comparable solutions from proprietary vendors cost significantly more than the Nexenta and Area Data Systems solution and cannot guarantee high-availability. With the

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A Few Impressions from Dell’s Banking Day in NYC

Three Somewhat Surprising Trends Contributed by Evan Powell, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexenta Systems Back in May,  I was thrilled to discuss Software Defined Storage at Dell’s banking day in their offices in One Penn in NYC. I was one of

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Congratulations to EMC!

Congratulations to EMC and their software teams for announcing ViPR. Since we have been selling software defined storage for a number of years – and now have many more times customers than Vmware did when EMC bought them (and more

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A Few Observations From OpenStorage Summit About SDS

OSS EMEA 2013 was one of the more inspiring few days I’ve experienced recently at Nexenta.  It was not a marketing event.  It was war stories about the shift to OpenStorage and Software Defined Storage shared in sessions, over demos,

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