Employee Perspective: Software Defined Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud Systems

Companies consider cloud usage for enterprise IT infrastructure, yet the majority of data stays in its own organization. They have to decide what data and system should go public and private. Two big trends, Big Data and Cyber Security, do not allow them enough time to construct both systems in public and private separately. Data and security threats are increasing enormously in such short period, and will continue to do so. IT organization also needs to face the fact that they cannot have both an unlimited budget and time for the infrastructure to solve those issues. In this case, I believe Software Defined Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud systems are the solution. It gives you the tremendous flexibility to adopt the system to public and private cloud based on the commodity hardware platform.

Nexenta software-based storage solutions are seeing the big and promised opportunities in this area. We are facing many customers that are stuck with legacy hardware-based storages and infrastructures, who cannot move to other storage or infrastructure solutions because of those vendor lock-in systems. With Nexenta Software solutions, IT organizations can store their increasing data securely in public and private cloud. The solutions are based on industry standard hardware, so they can have true Software-Defined Infrastructure and keep the system flexibility long term.. This is a resolution for both now and the future as IT organization can enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud flexibility at reasonable costs with tight security.

I personally believe hybrid cloud is the ultimate goal for anybody, not only for enterprises, but also individuals. For example, in my house I put my own private data in my home HDDs, but I also connect to public cloud like Google Photo to enjoy to access from any device, anytime, anywhere. I believe we all personally select what data stays private, while at the same time, think about saving cost saving and increasing flexibility.. The infrastructure consideration in terms of the balance among security, cost and flexibility are a little behind as people see fancier appearance of the services appealing. What matters is the infrastructure is the behind those services- is it the right solutions for our future from personal and business life. I have worked for Nexenta about three and half years, facing these keen critical subjects for enterprise customers. I strongly believe Software-Defined Infrastructure with hybrid cloud is the only solution that meets the goal for those enterprise customers. I am happy to a part of this solution at Nexenta.

– Jun Matsuura, Country Manager, Japan

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